Comments from Neighbors and Visitors

Our subdivision has a Facebook page for residents.  We get a lot of mentions on that page for our display and I wanted to capture some of those comments so as to not lose track of them:

Thank you Douglas and Jennifer for this exceptional display of lights and music! Your generosity is greatly appreciated not only for those of us who enjoy the show but for the beneficiaries of your collections. We will certainly contribute to these worthy causes when we visit.

Oh and Doug, I so wish we had a video of my 2 year old grandson’s face.  His first year to enjoy all and he was sitting there staring saying over and over, WOOK WOOK WOOK.  His 5 year old sister, who saw it last year, of course was instructing little brother on music and how to watch.  At 5, she knows it all!  Such fun PePaw and I had with them watching it all and watching their little faces. She told him that your lights guide Santa to us!  Not sure how she came up with that, but sounds good to me.

Was there last night for about half an hour.  So beautiful!  It’s really incredible.  My kids have so many questions about how it’s done.

Sitting in front of the Schultz house.  We may be here for a while.

We went and saw the lights last night – 8 year old said the lights blew her mind.  Very impressive!  Thanks

My daughter asked yesterday if you were going to do the lights again.  Looking forward to seeing them!

I love their house. Watching it has become a family tradition!

We  live right around the corner from Mr. Schultz and my kids get so excited  when we see him out there setting up. It is a production for sure! They  love watching the progress. They always say “he’s getting closer.”

While we were watching it the other night, one of my sons said he’d love to live across the street from the Schultz’s so he could watch it from his bedroom window every night and listen on his radio, so your house must be the one he wants us to move in to.

Appreciate that you do this every year.  The kids love it.  And it makes for wonderful Christmas memories.

They are amazing!!

You haven’t seen Christmas light decorations until you see the Schultz’s.

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