2013 Construction

I have taken a few weeks off to recover from the 2012 display takedown and think about what I want to add for 2013.  I won’t spill all the beans this early in the year, but will try and post as I am building new items.

A lot of people are concerned with not only how their display looks at night, but also how it looks in the day.  Now I certainly have a lot of cords and wires running across my yard, but those aren’t really visible during the day unless you are on the sidewalk looking into the yard.  But one thing that does stand out as not being very attractive during the day is all the wires for the megatree.  I decided this year I am going to create a “skirt” for the bottom of the megatree to try and hide those cords and wires.

I bought some strands of garland from Garden Ridge during their clearance sale in December.  I also got some plastic poultry netting from Home Dep0t.  I cut this into 9 foot sections (the same length as the garland) and then attached the garland to the netting.  I have six strands of the garland that will make the skirt about 18″ from the ground.  I then put some LED lights in between the garland.  You can see pictures of the garland being built in this gallery.

The plan is to attach this to the PVC base of the Megatree, creating a way to hide all the wires and cables.   I will add those lights to my sequences, probably keeping the colors the same as whatever the megatree has on.  I have built about 2/3 of it and need to wait until Garden Ridge puts out it’s Christmas items as a I was a couple of strands short.

I hope this will create a much better daytime look for the meagtree.

Stay tuned as I continue preparations for my 2013 display.