2011 Show is Live

The 2011 version of Christmas on Rose Dawn is live.  We had a test run on Thanksgiving Night and then went live the following night.

Someone asked me for the artists of some of the songs in our show.  I decided to answer that question here.  Here are a few of the songs and artists in our show this year:

  • All I want for Christmas (Festive) – Mariah Carey
  • Christmas this Year – Toby Mac and Leigh Nash
  • Christmas Time – Go Fish
  • DJ Santa – Krispy
  • Joy to the World – Charlie Daniels Band
  • Kay Thompsons Jingle Bells – Michael W. Smith
  • On a Sleigh Ride With Me – Tilloston, Cannon and Hyland
  • We Need a  Little Christmas – Glee Cast
  • White Christmas in Houston – Branded Duo
  • Wizards in Winter – Tran-Siberian Orchestra

2011 Setup Continues

I have had a couple of productive days.  I set up the light rings last weekend.  This weekend I got the megatree and the two 8′ trees set up.  So far everything I have set up tests OK for connectivity to the LOR controllers.  That is a good thing.  I hope to set up the nine 3′ trees tomorrow and maybe even the eight 4′ trees.  I have a few errands to do, but I am off all week and hope to make good progress.  Besides those items, the only things left are the C9 borders, the tune to signs and the speakers for those who happen to walk by.  I plan to be up Thanksgiving night, with perhaps a test night on Wednesday.  So far, no injuries.

2011 Setup

Setup of the display for the 2011 season has officially begun.  I installed everything that hangs off of the new dual JUMP’s I built in the off season.  I used them for the light balls that I previously had on an A frame Swing set.  It was difficult to set that up by myself.  Now I can hang all the balls, run the cords and install the strobes on the ground and then jack them up to their place.  I added vertical arches to the portable hole, topped with a four channel star.  I also have two LOR Cosmic Color Ribbons along the top of the pole holding the light balls. 

Look at the 2011 Setup photo album to monitor my progress.

I still have a lot to do but at least I have started.  Knock on wood…no injuries this weekend either.