August Update

I haven’t posted much lately, but that doesn’t mean I am not busy getting the 2011 Christmas on Rose Dawn show ready to roll.  Some projects I have been working on include:

1.  Creating wiring harnesses with 36 pair and 24 pair multicable.  This should cut down on the number of individual extension cords I need to run to the elements.  I’ll have about 10′ of SPT at the controller, then the multipair cable, and then SPT at the element with varying lengths.  Set up should be much easier.

2.  I finished the Dual JUMPs, but haven’t had time to capture pictures.

3.  I bought some spotlights from Seasonal Entertainment as my first entry into RGB.  I have been trying to figure out how to program them.

4.  I will also have dual 10′ vertical arches with a 4 channel star at the top.   I also will have a larger star on top of the megatree and will be moving the old one to the top of the light ring.

Then I still have to update all my sequences to include these new elements.  I’ll be busy from now until set up in November.

And on top of all this, I attended the Lone Star Holidays Academy III in Conroe in early August.  Two days of workshops with other Holiday fanatics.  It was hard to talk about Christmas with the temperature so high, but we did have an artificial snow machine from Illumimax to put us in the mood.

Stay tuned!