Dual JUMP Construction

I have decided to replace the A-frame that was holding my light balls last year with dual JUMP’s (Jack-up Mega Pole).  I built one last year for my Megatree, but these will only be 10 foot tall instead of the 20 foot for my Megatree.  That will make them a little less complicated as it will only be a single-stage JUMP instead of the dual-stage that is for my Megatree.  So I got started a couple of weeks ago building my portable hole and preparing the 2″ and 1 1/2″ EMT conduit that will be part of the JUMP.  Here are a couple of pictures of the portable hole prior to pouring in the concrete. 

My plan is to put a “T” coupler at the top of each JUMP and then put a ten foot 1 1/2″  EMT conduit between the 2 of them for the light balls to hang on.  I will bore out one of the “T”‘ couplers for 1 end to slide through and then the other end of the ten foot conduit will screw into the other “T”.  I’ll put a rigid coupling on the end that I slide the conduit through to ensure it doesn’t slip back and forth between the two JUMP.

I’ll post some more information as I complete these and as I work on other projects to prepare for Christmas on Rose Dawn 2011.  If you want more information on building a JUMP, check out the webstie of Walter and Jackie Monkhouse.  He’s the inventor of the JUMP and has fantastic directions on building one at this link – http://www.magicchristmasnews.org/ (see the link on the left hand side for Build the Monkhouse JUMP and portable hole.)