You Will Behave Like Gentlemen

Several people have asked where I got the music for this selection in our display this year. I heard this song for the first time in 2009 on a local Christian station (KSBJ) that starts playing Christmas music each year on Thanksgiving night. I asked where I could get a copy and was told it was from a friend of one of the DJ’s. Since I didn’t do an animated display last year (with music), I didn’t pursue it.


I heard it again this year and inquired again. They told me it was from a very talented person from Tulsa named Craig West. I looked around and found Craig was a DJ on KXOJ. I read some of their morning show blog entries and saw a couple of references to the song, so I believed I had found the right person. So I sent Craig an email and told him I wanted the song to include in my animated light display. He was gracious enough to send me a copy along with some other bits he had done (that I plan to incorporate into my display next year).


The song has been a hit with many of our visitors. Craig mentioned my display in his blog at the radio station last week, along with a link to the video. The video has gotten a lot of views on Vimeo, currently number 2 out of the videos I have posted.


Thanks again to Craig for allowing me to use it.

Christmas Display Is Live!

Stop by and see Christmas on Rose Dawn.  We are on every night, weather permitting, starting at 6:30 pm.  The display runs until 9:30 pm Sunday through Thursday and until 10:30 pm Friday and Saturday.  We broadcast our show over KGLF, 95.1 FM.  We have over 46,500 lights (all LED) and 270 channels of computer controlled animation.